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Nov 21

Wisconsin’s “Up North”

Our traveling has been somewhat limited this year but we did manage to go for a 3 day trip ‘up north’. Those of you in WI know just what that means J  We drove through some great little towns since we took the back roads. On the way up we stopped at the Horicon Marsh  to check out this guy!!  All made of rebar.Mammoth

We wound our way on to Wautoma to see this Ghost House!!  DSC02198

Our friends in Wausau have a lovely old farm with a barn that just lends itself beautifully to photography don’t you think?  DSC02234

Wausau’s Monk Gardens are a work in progress and offer a lovely series of meditational pathways along with some geocaching. DSC02247


On our way back home we visited the StevensPoint Sculpturepark  .  How nice to be able to enjoy nature and art while you walk!  One of my favorites was this Swift Nesting Chimney. DSC02274

Jul 06

Wandering Shoes

We put on our wandering shoes, dusted off the suitcases and went to Scotland on a lovely trip recently……… Still savoring memories as I go through all the pictures. Taking the train to Glasgow from Edinburgh was a highlight. Wonderful weather that day and we saw some unusual sights.

Hackney Cab

Bright and Beautiful Hackney cab!!

If you are a tea lover you will appreciate this little shop we saw in Edinburgh.  http://www.eteaket.co.uk/


What a super place to have tea in Edinburgh! So cheery isn’t it?


Oct 26

Fermentation Fest

How do I explain Fermentation Fest? Well… it’s got the “Farm/Art DTour”,  a fifty-mile backroad tour of art installations, Roadside Culture Stands (part of the Food Chain initiative), Field notes, Pasture Performances and more in Sauk County, Wisconsin.  We spent 3 days enjoying it all – even had time for the beautiful state park Devil’s Lake. Some photos from the tour……….and a link to check out the website!  ==> Fermentation Fest 2013

Yes - it's the "Dumpling House" !!!

Yes – it’s the “Dumpling House” !!!

Folks inside making actual dumplings. Community based cooking and sharing event

Folks inside making actual dumplings. Community based cooking and sharing event

Hand Carved Culture Stand


Overlooking the Baraboo River from Wildcat Mountain Park. I think the fog made it look even prettier!

A celebration of the land – take it not for granted

Jul 07

Summer Vacation – Iceland!

We spent some time in Iceland recently and i cannot tell you how stunning the country is. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I had looked at LOTS of brochures and been on the internet for hours planning it all out. We knew we were looking for adventure and figured we would focus on volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers and glaciers. They certainly have so much to offer in the way of outdoor activity!  So I bought a new pair of hiking boots, grabbed my backpack out of the closet and off we went!  Here are just a few of the things we saw….