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Dec 19

Happiness is Where you find it……..

Who knew that a couple of grapevine reindeer that light up would be my favorite thing of the season?? I always wanted these – the classy ones that look pretty in the daytime as well as at night. And now they are here in my front yard. Thanks to my husband for hooking up the electrical and attaching all the parts 🙂 reindeer



Mar 14

Ice Carving Festival!

One of the best things about cold weather is the annual ice carving festival here. The theme was ‘Wonders of the World”. Check out the creativity of these folks! I especially enjoy looking at out the tools they use to work with.


ice2.JPG  ice6.JPG




Jan 03

Welcome New Year 2015

Not sure what this snowman’s name is but he welcomed us

to 2015 with a whoop and a holler!!

Kind of a tribal looking fellow don’t you think?  snowman


Jan 13

Cold Winter Fun

It’s been hideously cold the last few weeks and so hard to get outside and play. But this weekend it was perfect for SLED DOG riding!!

Hey who's sitting down on the job!

Hey who’s sitting down on the job!

The lovely BooBoo

The lovely BooBoo

And off we go!!!!

And off we go!!!!

Apr 28

Winter’s Last Breath




YAY!! The Bare Root Room is open!!


One of the pleasures of Spring is getting ready for planting! And a yearly trip to Jung Seeds is a fun trek. On the way we were pelted with snow/sleet!! And there was even a snowplow turning up a pretty impressive plume as we went by. Who would have thought it??  jung1