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Jul 18

Big Changes

My prize Sea Holly is stunning this year!Yes the day finally came when my husband and I were able to retire this spring! Lots of hard work getting there but suddenly it was upon us. Do what does one do in retirement? Besides making MORE BEADS I finally got the gardens looking like I wanted them! Well…. to a point of course. One never has things quite the way it should be but I have made short work of weeds and now can enjoy the view. Of course my husband has been ever helpful but I sure enjoy having time to do it myself at a leisurely pace. We are enjoying having ‘vacation’ every day so far. And of course I will have more time in the studio to create.






May 01

Ready for Fun!!

I love to start a torching session with a clean workbench….. who knows what I will create?


Aug 28

Designer’s Corner

I make beads for people who design lovely jewelry! From time to time they are gracious enough to share photos of their creations. Here is a pair of earrings made from some spike beads I made. Susan turned them into a neat pair of dangles! I love how she used the spike 🙂   You can see more of her work here ==> Susan Delphine Delaney



My Spike Beads


Susan’s Creation!

Jul 22

Never take for granted……..

I have a bum knee right now and am kind of feeling sorry for myself. I have more than a few friends who have had knee surgery or replacement – seems like the parts start to wear out right about this age!!  Thank goodness for a caring husband who makes life easier till this thing gets fixed. What would l do with out him? He is second to none in my book.  Well I will stop whining and post a picture of some of my FAVORITE new bead creations!!!














etsy_051715_DSC01265  etsy_051715_DSC01268

May 11

This is how you start a birthday off right!!!! Playday in the Studio :)

WooHoo!! Lots of frit fun – got some for my birthday. Glass order coming this afternoon. Can’t wait!!!


Jan 15

Disk Bead Earrings!

Check out these lovely earrings that Karol made from my beads. How creative….. Here’s a link to her ETSY jewelry shop as well. TheBluestSky


Karol2       Karol1

Nov 29


Sometimes I really have a plan when I go into the studio. I have ideas in my head and often make notes and drawings to have next to me for guidance while I torch. Other times I feel uninspired but I know I have a need to melt glass. On those days I go through my ‘shorts’ drawer (drawer of short leftover pieces of glass rods) and grab a handful and just start making beads…. LOTS of beads. I don’t choose specific colors to work with – I just use whatever is next out of the drawer. Sometimes the results are amazing! The thing i like best is that I am able to focus on the basics while I do this; the way glass melts and how physics helps to shape the bead. I make bead after bead after bead, usually just one size but many on the same rod. I get into a rhythm and can see how that rhythm also allows me to practice the basic elements of beadmaking; laying down a perfect footprint, building a bead with the right amount of glass, and making sure i have the perfect dimpled bead holes.  And when I open the kiln the next day I have a bounty of wonderful beads that will make someone’s jewelry sparkle!

AND MORE ......





Nov 10

Jewelry by Patti Vanderbloemen

Another ETSY artist that works with lampwork beads. Here are some things she made with beads from  my LazyCatBeads shop! Her copper wirework is super don’t you think? Sure to catch anyone’s eye as well as make the wearer feel pretty special.

Check out her shop here ==> PattiVanderbloemen


Vanderbloemen Vanderblommen vanderbloemen1

Sep 28


I always enjoy seeing the lovely things that artists have made with my LazyCatBeads! Here are some earrings from one of my favorite and funky shops on ETSY. I love what she did with my beads…… the earrings have such a tribal look don’t they?  Check our more of her things by clicking on the link ==> OneEyeCatStudio

OneEyeCat1 OneEyeCat