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Dec 19

Happiness is Where you find it……..

Who knew that a couple of grapevine reindeer that light up would be my favorite thing of the season?? I always wanted these – the classy ones that look pretty in the daytime as well as at night. And now they are here in my front yard. Thanks to my husband for hooking up the electrical and attaching all the parts 🙂 reindeer



Nov 21

Wisconsin’s “Up North”

Our traveling has been somewhat limited this year but we did manage to go for a 3 day trip ‘up north’. Those of you in WI know just what that means J  We drove through some great little towns since we took the back roads. On the way up we stopped at the Horicon Marsh  to check out this guy!!  All made of rebar.Mammoth

We wound our way on to Wautoma to see this Ghost House!!  DSC02198

Our friends in Wausau have a lovely old farm with a barn that just lends itself beautifully to photography don’t you think?  DSC02234

Wausau’s Monk Gardens are a work in progress and offer a lovely series of meditational pathways along with some geocaching. DSC02247


On our way back home we visited the StevensPoint Sculpturepark  .  How nice to be able to enjoy nature and art while you walk!  One of my favorites was this Swift Nesting Chimney. DSC02274

Oct 04

Pumpkin Time!!!

We grew these just for fun….



Jul 04

New Haiku – just for fun

Outside watching fireflies after a busy day…… I thought of this one (even though fireflies are quiet…)

standing, listening
Riot of animal sounds
even in the dark






Jul 01

Butterfly Heaven

Some of the new plants in the garden do a good job of attracting butterflies! Our little grape jelly feeder for the Orioles helps too 🙂



Jan 03

Welcome New Year 2015

Not sure what this snowman’s name is but he welcomed us

to 2015 with a whoop and a holler!!

Kind of a tribal looking fellow don’t you think?  snowman


Oct 19

Harvest time……….




It’s fall harvest time and that includes our little piece of the Wisconsin landscape. This years potato crop was amazing…. 4 different varieties; one of them a BLUE potato! Makes great steak fries but sort of off-putting as mashed 🙂  Maybe kids would like purple mashed spuds though?



Jan 13

Cold Winter Fun

It’s been hideously cold the last few weeks and so hard to get outside and play. But this weekend it was perfect for SLED DOG riding!!

Hey who's sitting down on the job!

Hey who’s sitting down on the job!

The lovely BooBoo

The lovely BooBoo

And off we go!!!!

And off we go!!!!

Oct 26

Fermentation Fest

How do I explain Fermentation Fest? Well… it’s got the “Farm/Art DTour”,  a fifty-mile backroad tour of art installations, Roadside Culture Stands (part of the Food Chain initiative), Field notes, Pasture Performances and more in Sauk County, Wisconsin.  We spent 3 days enjoying it all – even had time for the beautiful state park Devil’s Lake. Some photos from the tour……….and a link to check out the website!  ==> Fermentation Fest 2013

Yes - it's the "Dumpling House" !!!

Yes – it’s the “Dumpling House” !!!

Folks inside making actual dumplings. Community based cooking and sharing event

Folks inside making actual dumplings. Community based cooking and sharing event

Hand Carved Culture Stand


Overlooking the Baraboo River from Wildcat Mountain Park. I think the fog made it look even prettier!

A celebration of the land – take it not for granted

Jan 20

Winter Doldrums

So Christmas and New Years have come and gone….. it’s too early for the garden catalogs and dreaming of summer. Cruise wear is starting to pop up and trying on a swimsuit is NOT fun with pasty white legs and a few extra pounds. Days are short and nights are C-O-L-D!!  You know the feeling. It’s harder then ever to get out of bed and when you do you might be feeling cranky and bored. I am not going to give you any tips on how to cope, sometimes it’s enough to just wallow in it for a while and then move on. So what’s your favorite winter pastime? I like to read, curled up with tea and a good book. Or work in my studio (gee, I do that at ALL times of the year)  At the very least I like to look at winter scenes….. photos and paintings. And wait…… for Spring to come.

DSC06750 DSC06749