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Jan 03

Welcome to our new LazyCat!!

Her name is Dixie and she is a rescue from the local Humane Society. Her life has not been much fun for the last 6 months but we have brought her home to share our house with her. She is very very very shy so we have a lot of work to do! It’s exciting to have a ‘Dixie sighting’ when we go into her private room as she often hides under the bed when she hears us coming. She HAS discovered her own heated cat bed though and lounges in it regularly.

Dixie cat 1dixie cat 2

Nov 28

Time passes

Time has flown  since i last posted. Some of it good , some of it difficult to get through. Just like it is for all of us. So today’s post is a tribute to our Sophie – the last of the LazyCats. We had her as part of our family for 18+ years and today was her last on the planet. Awesome cat and loving till the end. She curled up on my shoulder last night in bed. We did our best by her so know it was right to help see her off. I raise a toast to Sophie!!!  photo


Apr 14

STILL waiting for Spring……..

So yesterday we went out to Jung Seeds in Randolph and it was SNOWING and SLEETING like crazy. Woke up this morning to more of the same. Will we ever get a taste of sunshine?  Thought I would share a picture of my LazyCat Sophie. She is like a little velveteen kitty. 15 years old and with a smile. Yes, she smiles!!


Apr 06

Beginning of a New Season…… and a bit of Sadness

So excited to have Spring finally on it’s way! March came in like a lion and went out like one too. The snow kept coming and the days were cold and gloomy. We still have a little tiny bit left here and there but the robins have made their presence known and the cranes are calling in the fields. My favorite season. Sadly, one of our LazyCats is not here to share it again. She had 15 years of life with us (and Sophie cat) I like to think it was mostly wonderful. She was such a character – she would have been a comedian if she was human!  We miss her and think of how she greeted us at the door, rubbed on EVERYTHING and just generally made our house a happy home. Rest in Peace dear Sadie.  (April 2 2013)sadie girl

Sep 09

Cat Video Fest

The Walker Art Center is presenting it’s first “Internet Cat Video Film Festival”! Check out the site here to view them all!  www.walkerart.org/openfield/programs/internet-cat-video-film-festival/

Here is my favorite one –  I think you will like it too!