Jul 22

Never take for granted……..

I have a bum knee right now and am kind of feeling sorry for myself. I have more than a few friends who have had knee surgery or replacement – seems like the parts start to wear out right about this age!!  Thank goodness for a caring husband who makes life easier till this thing gets fixed. What would l do with out him? He is second to none in my book.  Well I will stop whining and post a picture of some of my FAVORITE new bead creations!!!














etsy_051715_DSC01265  etsy_051715_DSC01268

Jul 04

New Haiku – just for fun

Outside watching fireflies after a busy day…… I thought of this one (even though fireflies are quiet…)

standing, listening
Riot of animal sounds
even in the dark






Jul 01

Butterfly Heaven

Some of the new plants in the garden do a good job of attracting butterflies! Our little grape jelly feeder for the Orioles helps too 🙂



Jun 07


I thought about writing a Haiku the other day. What is a Haiku and how hard is it to write? Pretty simple:

the trick is to remember “3 lines, then 5,7,5”

3 lines

  • 5 syllables
  • 7 syllables
  • 5 syllables

As an exercise I decided to try my hand at a few…. some turned out better than others of course. Try one yourself! Pick a subject you like and then write!

(whilst in the garden last week…….)

Poking through the dirt
Soil and sun make the seed sprout
The cycle endures

straw flowers



May 11

This is how you start a birthday off right!!!! Playday in the Studio :)

WooHoo!! Lots of frit fun – got some for my birthday. Glass order coming this afternoon. Can’t wait!!!


May 02

Mustard Museum

Who doesn’t love a good hot dog or hamburger?? The best toppings are a must – how about some classic mustard? Middleton WI is home to the Mustard Museum and worth a visit the next time you are near Madison!




Mar 14

Ice Carving Festival!

One of the best things about cold weather is the annual ice carving festival here. The theme was ‘Wonders of the World”. Check out the creativity of these folks! I especially enjoy looking at out the tools they use to work with.


ice2.JPG  ice6.JPG




Feb 26

In the Moment………

iceland day 3 016

A favorite scene from our Iceland trip

Simple Musings…. Must be as I get older (I know I know….) I begin to realize the value of enjoying the here and now; not just waiting for the future. We have so much technology around us and with all the distractions it is easy to get caught up and not see what is happening right in front of you. Moments that will never happen again. I aim to be more thoughtful and take advantage of making every moment count.

Jan 15

Disk Bead Earrings!

Check out these lovely earrings that Karol made from my beads. How creative….. Here’s a link to her ETSY jewelry shop as well. TheBluestSky


Karol2       Karol1

Jan 03

Welcome New Year 2015

Not sure what this snowman’s name is but he welcomed us

to 2015 with a whoop and a holler!!

Kind of a tribal looking fellow don’t you think?  snowman


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