Jul 18

Big Changes

My prize Sea Holly is stunning this year!Yes the day finally came when my husband and I were able to retire this spring! Lots of hard work getting there but suddenly it was upon us. Do what does one do in retirement? Besides making MORE BEADS I finally got the gardens looking like I wanted them! Well…. to a point of course. One never has things quite the way it should be but I have made short work of weeds and now can enjoy the view. Of course my husband has been ever helpful but I sure enjoy having time to do it myself at a leisurely pace. We are enjoying having ‘vacation’ every day so far. And of course I will have more time in the studio to create.






Jan 03

Welcome to our new LazyCat!!

Her name is Dixie and she is a rescue from the local Humane Society. Her life has not been much fun for the last 6 months but we have brought her home to share our house with her. She is very very very shy so we have a lot of work to do! It’s exciting to have a ‘Dixie sighting’ when we go into her private room as she often hides under the bed when she hears us coming. She HAS discovered her own heated cat bed though and lounges in it regularly.

Dixie cat 1dixie cat 2

Nov 28

Time passes

Time has flown  since i last posted. Some of it good , some of it difficult to get through. Just like it is for all of us. So today’s post is a tribute to our Sophie – the last of the LazyCats. We had her as part of our family for 18+ years and today was her last on the planet. Awesome cat and loving till the end. She curled up on my shoulder last night in bed. We did our best by her so know it was right to help see her off. I raise a toast to Sophie!!!  photo


May 01

Ready for Fun!!

I love to start a torching session with a clean workbench….. who knows what I will create?


Jan 16



Winter is the time of year I tend to become more introspective – I think that is part of nature’s plan.  So I have spent a lot of time thinking about moms; in particular my own mom.  I have to say that I am so much wiser than I was 30 years ago. Even then I was wrapped up in my own world raising children and building my life and seldom stopped to think of how it was for my parents when they were doing the same things. I am able to look at mom’s life over the course of 85 years now and see how she navigated a world much different than my own. A young woman in a distant land, raised by her father in a quite different environment. I appreciate all she did in her education attending university and becoming a physician at a time when women ‘just didn’t do that’. She moved across the ocean and raised 3 children in Canada; finally settling in the US. Going back to work as a doctor must have been quite a feat for her…. We were all in school full time and she took advantage of that. When she retired she spent time traveling and sailing and enjoying life. I am amazed as I get older how much mom touched my life. She not only taught me so much but her efforts have made possible a good life for my family. She had the foresight to understand the importance of education; giving our children a great start attending private preschool which was a luxury for us. And it continued through the years – I know my children are who they are based on much of her efforts and values. Thank you mom for all you have done through the years. Your efforts and values have had a profound effect; You have always been someone special in my life.

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