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Jun 15

The value of daydreaming

Rooftop DayDreams

Do you ever daydream? Is it a waste of time, an idle mind gone wrong? Or a place to collect thoughts and ideas to help us in our daily lives? A safe space to be creative? And why and how do we daydream? Can we plan it or does it just happen?

I have noticed that there are ample opportunities for me to daydream, indeed there are specific situations that lend themselves to it! Waiting for a cup of tea to steep and staring out the window. Sitting on the deck getting ready to read a book…. I hear a bird call and then look out over the garden and the next thing you know I am daydreaming! Sometimes I even daydream (kind of) while driving to work. Do you think that animals day dream? Are day dreams different than night dreams? And what do we do with our daydreams…. Do they cause us to take action or change something or are they just pleasant diversions from everyday tasks?

What do you think about when YOU daydream?