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Nov 29


Sometimes I really have a plan when I go into the studio. I have ideas in my head and often make notes and drawings to have next to me for guidance while I torch. Other times I feel uninspired but I know I have a need to melt glass. On those days I go through my ‘shorts’ drawer (drawer of short leftover pieces of glass rods) and grab a handful and just start making beads…. LOTS of beads. I don’t choose specific colors to work with – I just use whatever is next out of the drawer. Sometimes the results are amazing! The thing i like best is that I am able to focus on the basics while I do this; the way glass melts and how physics helps to shape the bead. I make bead after bead after bead, usually just one size but many on the same rod. I get into a rhythm and can see how that rhythm also allows me to practice the basic elements of beadmaking; laying down a perfect footprint, building a bead with the right amount of glass, and making sure i have the perfect dimpled bead holes.  And when I open the kiln the next day I have a bounty of wonderful beads that will make someone’s jewelry sparkle!

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Nov 10

Jewelry by Patti Vanderbloemen

Another ETSY artist that works with lampwork beads. Here are some things she made with beads from  my LazyCatBeads shop! Her copper wirework is super don’t you think? Sure to catch anyone’s eye as well as make the wearer feel pretty special.

Check out her shop here ==> PattiVanderbloemen


Vanderbloemen Vanderblommen vanderbloemen1

Nov 03

Alpaca Farm

Open House Day at our neighbor’s Alpaca farm! They also have a few llamas for fun.   So whats the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama?  (and yes – they BOTH ‘spit’)

The differences between llamas and alpacas include:

  • Llamas are bigger
  • Alpacas have shorter noses and more symmetrical, pearshaped ears, while llamas’ ears are longer and banana shaped
  • Most alpacas have a full “top knot” or “hair-do”
  • The alpaca’s back has a slight upward curve, while the llama’s back is straight
  • Llamas are strong and are used as pack animals while alpacas are raised for their wool




Llama – Grey Ghost





He just made me LAUGH!!!!










Don’t you just love this fellow?  He is quite pleased with himself! I can see why – he is a handsome fellow.