October 2013 archive

Oct 26

Fermentation Fest

How do I explain Fermentation Fest? Well… it’s got the “Farm/Art DTour”,  a fifty-mile backroad tour of art installations, Roadside Culture Stands (part of the Food Chain initiative), Field notes, Pasture Performances and more in Sauk County, Wisconsin.  We spent 3 days enjoying it all – even had time for the beautiful state park Devil’s Lake. Some photos from the tour……….and a link to check out the website!  ==> Fermentation Fest 2013

Yes - it's the "Dumpling House" !!!

Yes – it’s the “Dumpling House” !!!

Folks inside making actual dumplings. Community based cooking and sharing event

Folks inside making actual dumplings. Community based cooking and sharing event

Hand Carved Culture Stand


Overlooking the Baraboo River from Wildcat Mountain Park. I think the fog made it look even prettier!

A celebration of the land – take it not for granted

Oct 19

Old World Wisconsin

Check out ==>  Old World Wisconsin




An Old Fashioned game of Baseball complete with woolen uniforms!

We picked a beautiful warm day to visit Old World Wisconsin. I hadn’t been there for years and it was a treat to re-discover the one room “Raspberry” school house,  walk through well kept gardens and see the farm animals used back in the 1800’s.  Old World Wisconsin is a re-creation of the working farmsteads and settlements established by European immigrants here in America. The Crossroads Village is the center of the settlement with a town blacksmith, general store and inn. Makes me appreciate the comforts we have now! 3photo 

Oct 12

Frog in the Sun

This little frog was found resting on a ledge of the garden shed door. Basking in the last rays of sunshine I guess!


Oct 04

Harvest Time


One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four….




Harvest time……… beautiful veggies from the garden. My husband not only grows them he cooks them! I am a lucky woman indeed 🙂