May 2013 archive

May 12

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I never knew until I became a mom …. how much of your life you put into raising a family. I sure do appreciate my parents efforts over the years.  Thought I would share a picture of the Mom’s Day pendant I made for my mother…..



May 09

Little Free Library in Hartford WI

A local shop, Faith and Giggles, now has a Little Free Library – check it out! So glad our town is a part of

May 03

My special place

I have a place that I pass by every day on the way to work. It’s pretty close to my house so it’s early in my day when I stop there. I am still enjoying the quiet of the morning and hesitant to rush pell mell into the workday. This spot used to be surrounded by fields but now there is a subdivision that sprouted up; since it’s still ‘out in the country’ though it provides a beautiful place to see the sun and some of the local birds and wildlife.  At this special spot…. I stop and think of people places, things that I miss. I reflect on those who have passed through my life and how they have touched it. Sometimes I think of sad events, sometimes my heart is bursting with happiness. But I am always glad to have this spot, this place for a  moment of reflection in a world that seems to constantly eke away at our personal lives. Everyone needs a place like this…….