April 2013 archive

Apr 28

Winter’s Last Breath




YAY!! The Bare Root Room is open!!


One of the pleasures of Spring is getting ready for planting! And a yearly trip to Jung Seeds is a fun trek. On the way we were pelted with snow/sleet!! And there was even a snowplow turning up a pretty impressive plume as we went by. Who would have thought it??  jung1

Apr 20

New Beads!

etsy_041413_DSC07366Sometimes I feel like I have lost my Muse…. those are the days when I begin by making ‘spacers’ of any colors that I like just to warm up and get in the groove. Sometimes the day ends up by being an ‘all spacer day’  and when I open the kiln the next morning I am greeted by a treasure trove of the lovelies. Other days I make a few spacers and then get right to work. I usually plan out what I intend to work on for the day if possible. Lately I have wanted to go back to some of the sweet beads I made in my early bead making days. Last weekend I used my favorite Silver Laden Glass and made these Triton beads. I am never disappointed with the color and the effect.

Apr 14

STILL waiting for Spring……..

So yesterday we went out to Jung Seeds in Randolph and it was SNOWING and SLEETING like crazy. Woke up this morning to more of the same. Will we ever get a taste of sunshine?  Thought I would share a picture of my LazyCat Sophie. She is like a little velveteen kitty. 15 years old and with a smile. Yes, she smiles!!


Apr 06

Beginning of a New Season…… and a bit of Sadness

So excited to have Spring finally on it’s way! March came in like a lion and went out like one too. The snow kept coming and the days were cold and gloomy. We still have a little tiny bit left here and there but the robins have made their presence known and the cranes are calling in the fields. My favorite season. Sadly, one of our LazyCats is not here to share it again. She had 15 years of life with us (and Sophie cat) I like to think it was mostly wonderful. She was such a character – she would have been a comedian if she was human!  We miss her and think of how she greeted us at the door, rubbed on EVERYTHING and just generally made our house a happy home. Rest in Peace dear Sadie.  (April 2 2013)sadie girl