January 2013 archive

Jan 20

Winter Doldrums

So Christmas and New Years have come and gone….. it’s too early for the garden catalogs and dreaming of summer. Cruise wear is starting to pop up and trying on a swimsuit is NOT fun with pasty white legs and a few extra pounds. Days are short and nights are C-O-L-D!!  You know the feeling. It’s harder then ever to get out of bed and when you do you might be feeling cranky and bored. I am not going to give you any tips on how to cope, sometimes it’s enough to just wallow in it for a while and then move on. So what’s your favorite winter pastime? I like to read, curled up with tea and a good book. Or work in my studio (gee, I do that at ALL times of the year)  At the very least I like to look at winter scenes….. photos and paintings. And wait…… for Spring to come.

DSC06750 DSC06749

Jan 01

A New Year…………

Yes – we celebrated in our usual fashion with a movie and dinner. And YES – we went to see The Hobbit! It was a tad long but I wasn’t restless in my seat. Some of the scenes could have been shorter but then a lot of the rich detail would have been left out. And we are so used to soundbites of 2 minutes or less aren’t we? So it was nice to relax and enter another world entirely. Oddly enough I spent quite a few of my vacation days making beads (I work a full time job that sadly doesn’t involve glass) that mimic rocks one might find in nature. I was at a loss for names and came up with the Middle Earth idea! Did you see the movie? The scenes with the rock giants? Seemed like a perfect fit.

etsy_010113_DSC06836 etsy_010113_DSC06854_c