June 2012 archive

Jun 09

Garden’s First Yield

I always love when the first veggies and flowers come from the garden. An unusually pretty crop of Easter Egg radishes caught my eye! And they were oh so tasty too 🙂

Jun 03

Why is Cleaning Your Closets Bad?

So everyone gets excited about Spring cleaning right? Putting away the dark dreary winter items and pulling out t-shirts and shorts….. do I REALLY have that many pairs off sandals? And what happened to my favorite summer ‘go to the farmers market’ shirt? The stuff that I don’t want anymore (maybe it doesn’t quite fit like it did last year?) gets packed away in bags and boxes and taken to the local St Vincent De Paul. And I feel GREAT!!! Totally organized and ready for the summer fun. Where does the stuff I donate really go to? Is it helping people? An article on the internet site, GOOD (a favorite of mine) tells us that only 20% or so of what we donate actually gets resold as clothing in the US. What happens to the other 80%? Check it out here to see how our used clothing is threatening the clothing industry in Africa. Who knew?? And maybe I should just stop collecting so much stuff in the first place?