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May 23

Just PUSH the Button………

May 20

May Flowers

Every year I am amazed at the way the plants come back from the witner cold. There are a few things in my garden that i can almost tie the calendar to – one of them is my giant Iris blooms. Usually they are out the first week of June but due to the warm weather in the past months they have made an early debut. The color of the Poppies goes so well with them don’t you think?

May 13

Mother’s Day

There are just some things you always do for your Mom on Mother’s Day. Top of the list is calling her of course 🙂  And next (since I promised I would!!) one must keep things up to date on the website!   So here you go Mom ….

Today we went to brunch at the most exquisitely beautiful place in downtown Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Grain Exchange. What an unbelievable buffet brunch from the Bartalotta group – they sure know how to put on a spread.  I started with lox and cream cheese and some spinach greens. Then a few shrimp and crab claws (yum). I opted for the more ‘breakfasty’ part of brunch and had an omelette and sausages. A trip (okay maybe 2) to the dessert display left me feeling very special.  As I looked around at all the happy people celebrating today I was reminded of how special our moms and dads are to us. With all the crazy that goes on in the world it is nice to be reminded of how much people do care about each other. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a lovely family myself. So HATS OFF to all the Moms, Dads and families today!

Thought you might like to see a photo of the dining room in this very historic building.