February 2012 archive

Feb 12

Air Swimmers

Have you ever seen these? They are remote controlled balloons that would be the most fun thing to play with. I can imagine using one at a shopping mall, party, anywhere there is a crowd. You can see EVERYONE has a smile on their face. Check out the video – and WAIT for the very end. I love the kitty cat’s reaction  🙂

Feb 05

St Paul Winter Carnival time!!

We spent last weekend at the St Paul Winter Carnival. There was so much to see even though the weather was not as snowy as desired.  It was cold enough to keep the ice sculptures from melting and they were beautiful sparkling in the sunshine. This was one of my very favorites.












And what a great city to walk around in and see the sights….  gorgeous old buildings and lots to do. We even got in a cat show! The very first I have ever seen….. check out the mini capes and crowns for the winners! (excuse the blurry photo please 🙂