December 2011 archive

Welcome to LazyCatBeads!!

Glass is my passion and creating beautiful beads for designers as well as ‘ready to purchase’ jewelry is what I like to do best! When I am at the torch I lose all track of time……only the glass and the flame are in my mind. Each piece you see is a small work of art…….

All of my work is available for purchase through ETSY, a showcase for many wonderful artists and the place to buy ‘all things handmade’. You can use either PayPal or a credit card to purchase. To see past work that I have done go to my GALLERY page.  I hope you enjoy my photos and updates as I continue on my journey with glass. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. 

Dec 19


Time for some Bagpipe music!! Who can listen to this and NOT tap their feet?

Dec 14

Snail mail & Posterity

This is such a busy time of year for everyone…. rush rush everywhere. I have been busy making beads and just filled a LARGE order to Russia!! So nice to think my little beauties find a home so very far away. Amidst the hustle and bustle we hear news about the USPS and how we might actually lose our 6 day a week delivery. It got me thinking about Snail Mail. So few of us actually communicate that way anymore, we use email and it’s all so very informal. But nothing beats sitting down with letter in hand and a nice cup of tea – getting ready to read the latest from a friend. I know I have saved the letters and cards of friends and family. So much of history has been captured for example in letters home from soldiers or adventurers. If we use email will that be saved in family archives for posterity?

Dec 05

Recycled Tire Art

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye has certainly got an interesting way of looking at things that many of us would just discard. Old used tires are frequently seen tossed into ditches, left in piles at the junkyard or stashed behind the garage when we no longer know what to do with them. Besides the preferred manner of disposal which is recycling, Wim has managed to create some of the most unusual works of ‘rubber art’ you may ever see!  Here is a link to his website  [Wim Delvoye], which is very clever in itself. You can see his photography, machinery, tires and other rubber sculptures. Marvelous, beautiful, scary – whatever you think he certainly has a fertile and creative mind!

Dec 01

You might be a lampwork artist if…

  • You have a flower garden just so you can have models for your next set of beads…
  • You notice instead of it being dark outside, it’s Moretti black…
  • You chase firetrucks…
  • You pause the evening news so you can see the anchors necklace…
  • Your favorite coffee cup sits on your work table with coffee and pulled glass in it…
  • The neighbors know from the squeals in the morning that you just pulled your best set ever out of the kiln.