November 2011 archive

Nov 24

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

When he began to eat pie, he wished he had eaten nothing else. He ate a piece of pumpkin pie and a piece of custard pie, and he ate almost a piece of vinegar pie. He tried a piece of mince pie, but could not finish it. He just couldn’t do it. There were berry pies and cream pies and vinegar pies and raisin pies, but he could not eat any more.” – From Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder

This year we feasted on a treat of homemade Chocolate Pumpkin pie made by my daughter-in-law . Now I am a fan of pumpkin!!!

Nov 19

Murmuration of Starlings

Ugh. The weather is grey and dreary. So is the news out of Europe and elsewhere. Jobless rate going up … down… up. People are marching and protesting the lackluster performance of bureaucrats and politicians. Disgust abounds on the political front. The environment is getting worse and we keep hearing how our behavior harms it daily. Depressing news indeed. But…… despite all that there is beauty all around us that lifts our souls and makes us believe there is a reason to be here. Check out this video below and make sure to turn up your volume!

Nov 16

Ever had one of those days???

Nov 13

The Life of Flowers

Winter is finally announcing itself, we had snow this week and of course everyone forgot how to drive in it. Makes the morning commute so long 🙁  So I bid adieu to the gardens of summer by sharing a neat little time lapse of some beautiful flowers as they grow! Click the link to watch….. Life of flowers

Nov 09

Always getting into something……