October 2011 archive

Oct 29

Last of the Season……

Woke up to another cold morning and some hard frost.

I guess its time to bring in the last fall flowers!!

Oct 23

Are you as smart as a CROW?

Why don’t you ever see a dead crow in the road? because there is always one in the tree yelling “cah, cah””

Saw a wonderful program about Crows and how intelligent they are.  Did you know they even create tools to use? And that they are able to identify humans and remember their faces they have seen? They can separate us out into ‘good’ people and ‘bad’ people and even pass this information on to the babies in the nest!! One thing I do know is that we have had large numbers of crows every year gather in our treetops…. reminds me a bit of a Hitchcock movie. Maybe that’s why they call it a ‘murder of crows’ ??

Are you as smart as a CROW?  Click on the link below and try this little test to see if you can pick out a crow from the line up by memory just like they are able to remember us!

Identify a Crow

Oct 17

The LazyCats get busy!!


With the swirling leaves on the deck they are all too excited!!

Who has time for a catnap these days!!

Oct 09

Wisconsin in Fall – Pike Lake State Park

The Pike Lake Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest is in the middle of the Kettle Moraine, a strip of glacial landforms which extends through southeastern Wisconsin to Lake Winnebago. This provides for a beautiful glacial remnant landscape of kames, kettles, and eskers.  Such a beautiful area to live in and brings back many fond memories of when my kids were young and we would picnic and swim at the lake. They even had an inflatable yellow boat that provided much fun! I recently hiked the trail to the top of Powder Hill and then decided to go to the top of the Obeservation Tower. What an awesome view!!  Here’s the link to the site – stop and visit!!      http://dnr.wi.gov/org/land/parks/specific/pikelake/


Beginning the climb …….dappled sunlight







So who lives in here???




Tower Plaque

The challenge……   🙂 esp.when you don’t like heights!



Halfway up… or down??









Tower ShadowWow – what views!!







At the end of the trail coming home I saw this farmer struggling up the hill with huge bales of hay.

It was a wonderful day